Using the Knowledge Base

We have implemented a simple Knowledge Base feature in this server. The Knowledge Base category and all of its sub-categories are not primarily for conversation, but for creating lists of useful resources for people in the Rules as Code community.

For instance, the Knowledge Base/Software category is for references to software tools that are relevant for Rules as Code.

If you would like to browse the knowledge base, you can click on “Knowledge Base” in the top menu. You will be taken to an alternative interface that will show only the topics included in the knowledge base categories, with a convenient read-only user interface and search and filtering capabilities.

When viewing a topic in the Knowledge Base, you can click on the “view the conversation about this topic” to be taken back to the standard view for that topic in the relevant category.

Adding topics to these categories is done in the usual way. Just create a new topic, and choose the knowledge base category that you would like to add to.