Research on UI/UX for Rules as Code?

In my experience, I have seen relatively little discussion about UI/UX in the context of Rules as Code. Is anyone able to point me to prior work on the subject?

Most RaC work focuses on how to markup (LegalRuleML, Akoma Ntoso, etc.) or code (Accord Project, Legalese L4, etc.) legal rules or logic. Some projects have a UI component that is more than raw text, such as BLAWX, ErgoAI, and the Accord Project. However, I have seen little in-depth discussion about UI/UX considerations for RaC in the abstract.

For example:

  • What traditional UI/UX considerations are most or least important for RaC?
  • For the various anticipated functions of a RaC product, what basic activities will the user need to be engaged in (markup, search, programming)?
  • What are the various methods, benefits, and costs of displaying rules and arguments to a user for single rules, or for linked rules in complex documents?
  • Which UI/UX methods are required for each of the various types of user (legal, technical, judicial, legislative, public-at-large, etc.)?

Does anyone know of prior research on the topic?

Note: If there is relevant research in the field of Knowledge Representation, or in any other field, please include that as well.