Preview video for Blawx v1.0.0-alpha

I just made a quick-and-dirty 7m video of the new version of Blawx I’m working on. Not released yet, that will probably happen next week after I have some time to test and clean up the install process, add documentation, etc.

It shows the visual coding environment, live code generation, server-side storage of encodings, natural language explanations for answers, hypothetical reasoning, and zero-click deploy to web API. As far as I’m aware, that makes it the world’s only open source tool with all of those features. And the only user-friendly tool with hypothetical reasoning, at all, anywhere.

All feedback is extremely welcome.

Love it! Can’t wait!

Hi, I’ve seen the new version released, however there’s something not working quite properly (can’t find the menu with the blocks, no example is loading). Anyway, I would like to (finally) learn it properly and at the same moment test it. What’s your prefered channel to get report of possible errors or suggestions?

Hey, @patryk.ciurak . Sorry for the long delay. Preferred method of bug reports is to file an issue at

If you’d like to try it out, the most recent release is usually available at

If you’re having any specific problems, feel free to hit me up on twitter.