Logiak is a totally modern low-cost lightweight Saas.

“Lightweight” here means you connect it with a backend such as Firebase or Supabase. We don’t want to have your data, and you dont want us to have your data.

Also Logiak does NOT determine how your data is. So there is no “vendor lock-in” at all. You can throw Logiak away if you dont like it, and take another system, your data intact.

Logiak has been proven in healthcare: non-programming doctors have been able to encode hugely complex diagnostic logic.

Still waiting for the challenge to do something comparably complex in law…

Though Uni Liverpool have used it in a project (https://intranet.csc.liv.ac.uk/research/techreports/tr2019/ulcs-19-002.pdf)

And there is a corporate data protection system under development in London.

Any kind of contacts welcome/sought.