JURIX 2021 materials

The JURIX 2021 conference is over but the papers presented have been published in an eBook available here: https://ebooks.iospress.nl/volume/legal-knowledge-and-information-systems-jurix-2021-the-thirty-fourth-annual-conference-vilnius-lithuania-810-december-2021
There’s a section of papers titled Logical and Conceptual Representations which may come interesting from the RaC point of view.

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Thanks for sharing! The Kelsenian Deontic Logic paper is interesting. Wish I understood better the implications of the fact that it is defined as a propositional language, which feels like it would be limiting. The idea that obligations are something that can be derived from the fact that the opposite fact scenario imputes a sanction seems reasonable enough. And it doesn’t seem to require you to uncomfortably describe everything in terms of one of the deontic modes. I will be interested to see where it goes.