Finnish Rules as Code Virtual Software Demonstration - December 20, 2021

Many people in the Rules as Code community have noted the need to be able to integrate encodings of different statutes in the same legal system (or even among them) by having encodings built off of a central library of terms used consistently across pieces of legislation. This would require software tools to give people a convenient way to manage these databases of terms, and rules as code editing tools that provided a convenient way to integrate the links to those databases.

Many have noted it, but only Finland’s Tax Authority has actually built those tools and published them as open source software.

As a result of a conversation at, Mikael Afhallstrom, (@mikael.afhallstrom) of the Finnish Tax Authority will be providing an overview and demo of the FTA’s Interoperability Platform and associated projects for encoding Finnish statutes, including a terminology editor, data vocabulary tool, reference data tool, and “LakiEditori” or “LawEditor,” a prototypical system for drafting and editing statutes in both natural language and code integrated with the other elements.

See the link above and this post for more details on the software Mikael will be demonstrating.

Mikael has generously allowed us to share the link and invite others to attend.

This is an amazing opportunity for people in the Rules as Code community to see one of the most innovative approaches to open source Rules as Code infrastructure anywhere in the world.

The virtual meeting will be December 20, 2021, at 7:30am UTC, and is anticipated to run for up to 1 hour. The link to join the meeting is below.

Click Here to Join

I could not be happier to have this as the first event organized online as a result of the community that we are building together at Many thanks to Mikael for doing the demonstration and allowing us to share it with the wider community.

Please share this post with anyone you think may be interested, and thank you for your help in spreading the word.

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Hi there, I used more than 50 minutes to explain the “underlying infrastructure” of our Rules as Code -approach, consisting of the existing, up and running but not too widely used Interoperability Platform and the Law (simple XML) Editor built on top of that. Then we ended up going overtime since I of course had to show some results from our ongoing Rules as Code -project, but that being still very much “under construction” I promised another presentation later on once we have accomplished something of “real value” :slight_smile:

@patryk.ciurak and @heidir > asked Teemu to post two powerpoints on our project website; one with a newly translated version of the “Marital Tax” test case, the other being the original EU conference presentation regarding the Law Editor and Semantic Interoperability in the field of drafting legislation.


@mikael.afhallstrom thank you so much for the presentation, I’d be glad to dig into the materials in the following days. Please, keep us up to date with your findings as the project is very interesting.


We will since this international forum is of huge importance to us due to the lack of a open domestic discussion in this field. BTW the powerpoints are now online.

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Thanks so much for your time Mikael, it was really interesting to see the data model and taxonomy design. I think you said some of this was based on open source code - if there are links to any of this that would be great.

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I have some links from another convo that I will try to throw into the knowledge base over the holidays.

Is a recording of this event available?