Anyone know anything about LogLaw?

Saw mention of it and a couple of slides in the ReMeP materials, plus a mention in twitter from February, but I can’t find anything else. My Google-Fu fails me.

Evidently by Adrian Kelly, Manifest Coding Technologies, from NZ.

Adrian is a legislative drafter and programmer from NZ - he is on LinkedIn. He presented with me at the CALC conference in 2019 and wrote a paper on his system for the Feb 2020 CALC Loophole - if that link does not work, go via CALC’s Loophole archive. One day I will persuade him to join Twitter.

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I’m not a Twitter person :slight_smile:

I am the author of “LogLaw”. It is part of an end-to-end system to deliver rules as code, using NZ government “Better Rules” methods, and the proprietary language “LogLaw”.

“LogLaw” is owned and licenced exclusively through Novallex Ltd ( I work for Novallex Ltd. We are under contract to, and provide rules as code to, several governments around the word.

We are based in NZ :slight_smile:



*“around the word” is “around the world” … semi-Freudian???


I’d love to learn more. The website you linked to is just a login screen. Any chance you could tell us about the tech stack you are using, or what the licensing terms are?

Do you get any resistance from people in government about using a closed proprietary language? I know in Canada avoiding vendor lock-in is becoming more and more important in government purchasing decisions.

Also, Discourse will allow you to edit your posts if you use the web interface. Give it a try!

Hi Jason,

To answer your question.

No, we get no resistance from Government. LogLaw is easy to use and well supported. It is a means to an end, and Governments everywhere are interested in efficient outcomes.

LogLaw is part of a tech stack that stretches from "paper-based’ diagramming to a running cloud-based secure service … All done in a transparent fashion and cost-effectively. “LogLaw” itself is fully specced and that spec is available. Its use generally and in particular in our stack is subject to licensing (from Novallex Limited).

I will check out Discourse. Thanks!


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Thanks! I’d love to take a look at a spec or even test the software if free trial licenses are available.


Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you.

Here is an old spec:

Since then, the "LogLaw’ language spec has improved, and the platform we use has been updated and improved. Novallex Limited now provides an engine based on “LogLaw”, and includes integration with other “primary and secondary sources” in the form of both legal and interpretative resources on the user interface side, and also data warehouses / data lakes on the backend to feed the platform.

We are not letting the compiler out. It is closed source. But the platform may be licensed in its entirety, as a cloud-based service (AWS). And an improved spec should be published soon for 'LogLaw, to replace the 3 year old one referenced above.

“LogLaw” has been successfully deployed in the UK at a “Proof of Concept” level, and we are working in Italy with another client to prove out “LogLaw” and the Novallex platform in a non-English setting.

Merry Christmas


Thanks for the response. Would be interested in the new spec if and when available!

We have been working with Bridget Hornibrook and Luke Norbury from the UK. I am hoping I can persuade them to write a paper with me. That would be a logical place to put out a new public spec (as an annex! Our internal spec document is 20 pages, and some of that is written using code!! )


How about demo webinar!

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