Agenda for "Programming Languages and the Law" Announced

Programming Languages and the Law (ProLaLa) is a workshop being held for the first time in conjunction with the Principles of Programming Languages conference being held in Philadelphia in January 2022.

The accepted presentations have been announced, and include:

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This conference looks really interesting. But has anyone worked out whether it is purely in person or will remote attendance be possible? I had assumed remote, but now I can only see info about in-person.

I am under the impression it is hybrid. It better be, because I’m not travelling to attend. :slight_smile:

Papers look really interesting. Can you let us know if you find out - it’s $200 to register, but does appear to be in-person only. Also would love to hear about your project separately if we don’t get to watch the conference!

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I will make an effort to figure it out this week.

Any idea whether they are charging a fee to attend remotely? Looks like they are for physical attendance, but not clear where/how you register for remote. I thought I had registered but I haven’t had any info about joining so I suspect I hadn’t. Seems a bit steep if they are charging $150 for virtual attendance, but the registration is very confusing and I might be misreading it.

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Following up, the livestream is available on ACM SIGPLAN’s YouTube channel POPL 2022 -- Salon III - YouTube

There should be other links, look for Salon III.

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