About the Knowledge Base category

This category (and its sub-categories) are for posting links to resources about Rules as Code.

Each type of resource has its own sub-category, so each sub-category serves as a list. The topics in the “software” sub-category, for example, are a list of software tools related to Rules as Code.

In the Resources category, you will see all of the posts for all of the sub-categories. The sub-categories are visible under the name of the topic, and have a coloured box on the left.

That is also where you will find “tags” (which appear without the coloured box). Some tags are mandatory in certain categories. For example, if you are adding a resource to the “software” category, you are required to include a tag from the “Software Licensing” group (either “open source”, or “commercial”).

If you have ideas for new sub-categories, required or optional tags, please let us know in the Site Feedback category!